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The Complete Guide to Consuming Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil Canada
Source: Medical News Today

Gone are the days when cannabis bud was the only form available for consumption. Today, you can find numerous new products being introduced in the market ranging from pills and creams to pre-rolls and sprays. A wide variety of ingestible products are being sold to let users try different forms of cannabis consumption to suit their needs and problems. Today, we discuss about the most popular product, cannabis oil. You can buy high-quality oil at any reputed online store and get it delivered to your doorstep.

What is Cannabis Oil?

It is essentially cannabis extracted mixed in some form   of oil. Thick, resin-like substance is derived from the cannabis plant using any of the several methods. This extract contains cannabinoids like THC, CBD and others. One of the most popular and safe methods is CO2 extraction. It is available at numerous offline and online stores like GetWhitePalm that deliver your choice of concentration of product right to your home.

Benefits of CBD Oil

A lot of people still believe that smoking dried flower is the only method to consume cannabis though there are numerous others. Nobody would want to try newer alternatives if the established one works great. Here are some of the reasons why CBD can be considered as a great cannabis consumption method.

They are Discreet

Using CBD oil is free of any odor and does not leave any signs like vaping or smoking. It also does not need any preparation or equipment. There is no heating involved and users can consume cannabis wherever they want without any issue.

They are Smoke-Free

Cannabis oils are popular as a consumption method because they don’t create any smoke. While smoking can be sometimes dangerous for lungs, ingestible oil does not involve any combustion and hence it is safe. This is why oils are preferred by people who are not permitted to smoke cannabis due to medical reasons.

Long-Lasting Effects

Ingestible cannabis – whether consumed through oils or any other product – provides longer-lasting effects as compared to inhalation. Ingestible oils produce delayed effects which last much longer than smoking or vaping. This is why it is advisable to wait for at least two hours before taking the next dose. The effects peak at about 3-4 hours and can last for up to 10 hours.

How to Use Oil?

This oil is prepared by mixing with carrier oil like olive oil and needs no further processing. Moreover, it has already undergone decarboxylation so you need not heat it. Users can take the oil orally, add into foods and beverages or take as a pill. A good online dispensary can offer you numerous options for ingestible oil products. You can choose the one that suits your dosage requirements and needs. You should remember to look for dosing guidelines before trying any product and start with low doses. Those who are taking CBD for medicinal purposes can consult their healthcare provider for recommendations. The ideal dose for cannabis is different for different people and it is important that you determine the right dosage for you.